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We sit down and chat with various industry movers, shakers, and influencers -- from the C-suite to the racetrack.

mahmoud samara cadillac canada

Chat with Mahmoud Samara: Cadillac Canada’s Managing Director on Reinventing a Brand

We chat with Cadillac Canada's new Managing Directer, Mahmoud Samara, about his journey with the company and the reinvention of the iconic 100-plus-year-old brand.

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sandy mcgill tractionlife

Chat with Sandy McGill: Lead Designer at BMW DesignworksUSA

For the well-to-do and/or fashion-conscious crowd, getting something like a suit or dress personalized for fit and taste is common practice. BMW Group asks, why not cars? We chat with DesignworksUSA’s lead designer Sandy McGill.
Intermeccanica tractionlife

Chat with Henry Reisner of Intermeccanica: Reproducer of Classic Porsches

Vancouver-based Intermeccanica is a well-known, boutique builder of high quality reproductions of classic Porsche Speedster and Roadster sports cars. I recently sat down with Intermeccanica principal Henry Reisner to discuss a couple of major developments that will have a profound effect on the company's future