Tools and Gear for the Road, Home, and Everyday Life


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The gear you need but never realized

We curate the best in the latest tools for today's discerning dude. From roll-tools to multi-tools to gear for everyday life, we know you need this stuff whether you know it or not. And your wife will thank-you (you're welcome). A couple sub-sections include:

The Latest Multi-Tools

Best Survival Knives

Weekend Essentials 22

Gear for the Road #22: Jun. 2, 2017

For the weekend: 20 tools in one with the Survival Axe Elite; the everyday Freelance shirt for the everyday dude by Batch; and air-conditioned cooler (finally) by Ryobi; and hit the road and the sack with the TrailNest Roof Top Hammock Stands.

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Gear for the Road #21: May 6, 2017

Start the weekend right with an inflatable cooler, new bag by DSPTCH, latest multi-tool by SOG, and a Mercedes-AMG GLS 63 by Mansory.

Roav Dashtop: World’s First Dashboard Computer

Developed by Anker, the Roav Dashtop is an independent computer that connects to your car and phone, sitting above your car’s instrument cluster and in front of your windshield.

Gear for the Road #9: Nov. 4, 2016

The two-in-one Kootek K1 Survival Flashlight, the functional computer for your wrist by CMRA, a new understated bag by Hard Graft, and a functional yet stylish bracelet by Naimakka.
weekend essentials 7 oct 21 2016

Gear for the Road #7: Oct. 21, 2016

The new Nintendo Switch for those who take video games on the road (we don't judge), the Mission Workshop Meridian Phase Jacket for all conditions, North St. Bags’ Morrison Backpack Pannier for your bike or shoulders, and the Tops Knives M4X Punisher for your cutting duties.
gear for the road-6-oct-14-2016

Gear for the Road #6: Oct. 14, 2016

The space-saving and collapsable Que Collapsible Bottle, the compact wood-burning Solo Stove Bonfire, the stainless steel Talon multitool by Tactica, and the latest clean and urban-tailored MA-1 Flight Jacket by ColdSmoke.