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Fit For Diplomats, Dealers, And Suburban Dads, Why Not. There’s A Small Crop Of Builders Creating Modified, Bullet-Proof Trucks And Utility Vehicles For Those Who Actually Need Them. Here’s Our On-Going List Of The Latest In Tactical Machines.

Rezvani Tank Tactical Urban Vehicle

The New Rezvani Tank Can Be Yours for US$178,000

This US$178,000 Tactical Urban Vehicle by Rezvani is built for any off-road and on-road challenge. With thermal night vision for good measure.

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Ripsaw EV2 Personal Tank

Ripsaw EV2 Personal Tank

Everyone needs a tank, right? The Ripsaw EV2 Personal Tank by Howe and Howe Tech might just be the answer. But expect 6+ months to get one.

Ride Safe & Secure With USSV’s Rhino GX

Built on the Ford 450 Super Duty, the Rhino GX is an all-terrain vehicle that will take you wherever you need to go -- no matter what the environment.